Tuesday, May 30, 2006

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LUSCO-FUSCO session : : : : : 30/05/2006 - 13h45 GMT ( TODAY )
Plymouth, UK (Outside Student's Union shop @ University of Plymouth)

Lusco-Fusco team

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Friday, May 26, 2006


The Lusco-Fusco team is proud to present…


Lusco-Fusco is an expression referring to the fantastic light observed during 5 to 7 minutes near the sunset time.

The Lusco-Fusco parties (or Loosk Faske, according to the free English translation provided by the original creators of the concept) are going to happen on a regular basis at the University of Plymouth or in its vicinity. At a more or less unexpected time in a more or less unexpected place a group of people gather to have a very intense 5/7 minutes party during a short break from studies.

Bring your portable radio, with or without headphones, perhaps sunglasses, and come to the first experimental outdoors session between Smeaton Building and Link Building (near the cash points). If you can’t bring your own radio don’t worry, we have some to lend to people.

VENUE: Between Smeaton Building and Link Building (next to the cash points)
DATE: 26/05/2006 (today)
TIME : 1.45 pm (13h45)

Be sure to synchronise your watch to the Greenwich Time zone and don’t be late…
… or you will miss it.

The Lusco-Fusco team
(Picture: Lusco-Fusco in Greenland http://www.pbase.com/ritopaxi/gronelandia)

P.S. – Bring some small AAA batteries for the radios if you can

Monday, May 22, 2006

Eu e vocês

Eu estava a ouvir a lastfm e apareceu um Concerto Grosso do Alfred Schnittke e eu achei espectacular. Eu pensei cá comigo: eu devo encontrar algo sobre ele na net... e eis se nao quando, na minha frente estava este site que eu vi com estes olhos que a terra há-de comer.


O meu dedo clicou que se fartou, e fiquei todo divertido... eu portanto.



PS - Acho que vocês também vão gostar. Que é que vocês acham?

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Surfing the web

O novo site dos Verdes Anos esta online.


Agradecem-se todos os comentários.

Monday, May 15, 2006

The Box

Last Thursday I got the privilege to watch the two films at the arts centre from the projection room, or the projection box.

Adam is 21 and has been a projectionist for 4 years while he is studying environmental science. He says that he must have seen more than 400 movies; some were even quite rare as he was working at an arts cinema in the place he was born.

The heat and the noise from the two CINEMECCANICA machines didn’t make it really comfortable to watch the movie, but it is a rather magical place. The amount of gadgets and small reels of film with trailers and advertisements that are stored on the shelves bears the atmosphere of a workshop where the projectionist gives the final polish to the piece of art. I laughed just by seeing the commercials from Orange mobile phone in the size and colours of slides.

Being a projectionist is a lonely job, no wonder that Adam talked almost non stop about every little step and functionality that he operated during the screening. You don’t get contact with the public apart from some hand waves at the beginning or at the end of the film, but on an old cinema like the Arts Centre there are a lot of things to do besides keeping track to the automation and memorising the lines of the characters in the movies. The film comes in reels of 20 minutes long and it has to be spliced onto two big reels that will be installed in each of the machines. The comercials, trailers, and each of the pieces of the film, have to be so perfectly spliced to the point of creating a perfect ring when bent. In the meanwhile, Adam explains what to do when changing from Large Screen to Cinemascope, changing the lens and adjusting the frame to fine cut the edges of the film, and shows the tiny sinusiodal lines of the soundtrack on the 35mm film.

I guess the great fun comes when, after the film is set and runing for half way though, one of the big reels finishes and the other has to start running. There is a small black circle that appears for less that half a second at the top right corner of the screen, and five seconds later another comes that gives the signal for the projectionist to switch machines. It is great! You focus your eyes without blinking on the screen, and although the characters keep doing their lives on the stage, you only want to know about the one important corner. Then, Adam makes a swift move and you can the machines doing a lot of noise and until the first reel of film finishes leading the loose end of the film to wave in the air for a couple of seconds. Now it is time to take the reel off and rewind it all way to the beginning, all done by hand!

I saw two films in there. The first, "The Ballad of Jack and Rose", was nice for the photography but the second one was absolutely amazing. “Shooting dogs” is an extremely sad and true story about the genocide in Ruanda. Although I felt quite detached from the experience of watching the movie, as I seemed to be watching the movie of the movie, I could perfectly imagine the shock it would have been to see it from inside the cinema room instead.

Once in a while Adam talks with a lot of respect about Bob, the senior projectionist, who has done that job for more than fifty years. Basically, he takes that responsibility like he was caring for someone very dear to him. His favourite film is “Cine Paradiso” which is probably my favourite film as well. Someone else tells me - “Bob is 70 but he looks like 50, alcohol and the movies have kept him preserved”. I give a big laugh and hope you all keep going. For us it is just a fantastic experience.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Hoje é dia da mãe... em Portugal. No Reino Unido e em alguns países africanos foi no dia 26 de Março. Na Alemanha, EUA e na maior parte do mundo será no segundo Domingo de Maio.

Às minhas, que estão longe, mas sempre mães...

Quando eu nasci,
ficou tudo como estava,
Nem homens cortaram veias,
nem o Sol escureceu,
nem houve Estrelas a mais...
Somente, esquecida das dores,
a minha Mãe sorriu e agradeceu.

Quando eu nasci,
não houve nada de novo
senão eu.

As nuvens não se espantaram,
não enlouqueceu ninguém...

P'ra que o dia fosse enorme,
bastava toda a ternura que olhava
nos olhos de minha Mãe...

- este é emprestado do José Régio porque "a poesia não pertence aos que a escrevem mas aos que dela precisam" - e este por sua vez é emprestado do filme "il Postino"

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Pouca terra

No meu coração há um poço de petróleo em chamas
que não se extingue...

que ruge e levanta a ventania.