Friday, October 08, 2010

Science and Music (I)

Read the article Mental muscle: six ways to boost your brain (NewScientist 04 October 2010 by Helen Thomson)


"Our brains are constantly adapting to information from the world around us. However, some activities make a bigger impression than others. In recent years, researchers have been probing how outside influences, from music to meditation, might change and enhance our brains.
One of the most promising is music - and not via the famous but controversial "Mozart effect", whereby merely listening to classical music is supposed to improve brain performance. Learning to play an instrument brings about dramatic brain changes that not only improve musical skills but can also spill over into other cognitive abilities, including speech, language, memory, attention, IQ and even empathy. Should I dust off my trumpet and get practising?"

Read the article For Neurons to Work as a Team, It Helps to Have a Beat (ScienceDaily Sep. 28, 2010)


When it comes to conducting complex tasks, it turns out that the brain needs rhythm, according to researchers at the University of California, Berkeley.

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